Our objective: A borderless Nordic region with global influence

The Centre Group wants the Nordic countries to be pioneers in the harmonisation of policies, laws and standards. The objective is a borderless Nordic region. We want more common Nordic solutions and a clearer division of responsibility to create added value and save resources.

Locally we want…

To make the Nordic region a common market area without border restrictions on work, education, entrepreneurship, innovation, health care and treatment, infrastructure and rescue services.

To make the Nordic region safe for all by preventing social marginalisation and division.

To make the Nordic region a pioneer in the green economy, increase energy efficiency, promote the use of renewable forms of energy and enable the use of smart energy solutions.

To increase Nordic research in the environment, climate, energy efficiency, renewable energy, smart energy, wellness technology, food, pharmaceuticals, IT, material technology and biotechnology.

To create more incentives for companies to offer traineeships and apprenticeships across borders.

To deepen Nordic security and defence cooperation.

To deepen Nordic cooperation in the EU and the European Economic Area.

To promote peace, democracy and wellbeing in the Nordic countries’ neighbouring regions.


Globally we want…

To foster Nordic identity so that it can continue to act as the basis for Nordic culture, fashion, food, education, green innovations and common tourism marketing.

To act as the Nordic region in international arenas in civil crisis management, conflict solution, assistance, civil and human rights and in environmental issues.

To strengthen common Nordic environmental and societal standards and make them internationally known and sought-after.

To create a common Nordic strategy for the North Atlantic, the Arctic, the North Calotte and the Baltic.

To deepen cooperation between Nordic foreign missions in lobbying and providing services to citizens.