Value base – for people and humanity

The parties of the Centre Group have their origins in grassroots political movements. We support the freedom of entrepreneurship, a down-to-earth approach, decentralisation and freedom of choice.

The Centre Group works for a socially, economically and ecologically sustainable Nordic region. Lifelong learning and people’s ability to make choices about their own lives are important to us.

We emphasise freedoms and rights but also the responsibilities of individuals. We support democracy and diversity, participation and equal opportunity in society.

The individual: Freedoms, rights and responsibilities

We aim to guarantee every person freedom of choice, freedom of speech and the right to access information.

We defend the principle of equal opportunity under the rule of law and the rights of minorities to self-determination.

As part of society, the individual bears responsibility for democracy and the living environment as well as the social conditions and quality of life for future generations.

Society: Diverse, democratic and socially cohesive

For us, diversity, participation, dialogue and equal opportunity are fundamental principles of society.

Democratic values, a strong civil society, strong local decision-making power and active citizenship are the basis of welfare.

Education, work, social cohesion, equal opportunities and public health are among the cornerstones of a high standard of living.